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Top Choice Driving Academy – Defensive Driving School exists to build good, watchful, and careful drivers. Our defensive driving course will serve you, despite your basic driving knowledge, you often find yourself in trouble. This means that being a good driver is not good enough. Something extra is needed to add to your existing skills and knowledge.

Defensive driving programs are usually taken to avoid accumulating more driving record points, dismiss a traffic ticket, remove existing points from your driving record, avoid higher car insurance premiums, earn a car insurance discount, and reinstate your suspended driver’s license.

Regardless of your reasons for enrolling in a Defensive Driving School, you will gain vital driving knowledge that will help to prevent you from receiving traffic citations and causing accidents.

At Top Choice Driving Academy instructors are dedicated to helping you get the best driving lessons, improve your confidence and driving skills. We put a lot of effort into making every minute of your time at our institution 100 percent effective.




Our courses are court approved. You can put your mind at ease when you enroll to take our programs knowing that you are dealing with a certified and accredited defensive driving school.

We have a team of dedicated support that will always be there to help you with your Defensive Driving questions. Our support team is available via, email and phone.

Once you complete your program, your certificate will be automatically sent to the court, you will also receive a copy for your records.

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