Defensive Driving Class

man-pulled-over-sm-300x300Attending our defensive driving class will ensure that you get your license back faster. Typically, our 6-hour defensive driving course and DUI class focus on defensive driving skills, rules and polices, and traffic legal guidelines.

Once you have registered with us, we will supply you with a certificate of completion at the end of the 6-hour class. The fee for the 6-hour defensive driving class is $95.00 it covers things such as license reinstatements, court order related charge and point lessening.


Several reasons that you might need to take this 6-hour defensive driving course include:

· Reduction of fines or no points inside your driver’s license log.

· Prevent your driver’s license from being suspended.

· To reinstate your driving privileges after an accumulation of moving violations.

· For everybody who is 25 years and below and you’ve got a clean driving record you can actually complete the defensive driving class and send your license for the insurance company to receive a 10% discount within your liability insurance.

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Defensive Driving Program