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Attending our defensive driving class will ensure that you get your license back faster. Our 6-hour driving course covers, defensive driving techniques, rules, regulations, and traffic laws. Once you have completed your 6-hour class with us, we will give you a certificate of completion at the end of class.

The fee for our 6-hour defensive driving classes cover things such as license reinstatements, court order related fee and point reduction. If you are only taking the course for insurance reduction you will only pay $50 but normally we charge approximately $95.

Some of the things that might require you to take this 6-hour course include

  •  Reduction of fines or no points in your driver’s license record.
  •  Prevent your driver’s license from being suspended especially if are under the age of 21 and you have traffic violations ticket
  •  To reinstate your driving privileges after based on an accumulation of moving violation.
  •  If you are 25 years and below and you have a clean driving record you can complete the course and send your license to the insurance company so to receive a 10% discount on your liability insurance.

Whether you are on a restricted license, a learner or you have a traffic violation or a ticket and needs to take a required 6-hour defensive driving class, Top Choice Driving Academy is the right choice. This means you can apply for a full license as soon as you are through.

Taking the 6-hour defensive driving class will also reduce your insurance by 10% for 3 years. Besides, you will also learn most of the driving techniques and defensive driving tips. As a matter of fact, by learning with us, you will secure discounts and point reductions upon completion of the course.

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