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Reasons To Choose Our Company for Defensive Driving School and DUI classes.

Our Defensive Driving Program is a full package to ensure for ticket dismissals, license suspension reinstatement, points and fines reduction and insurance discounts. Our company offers a 6 hour Defensive Driving Class at an affordable price that students can pay either in cash, Money orders, MasterCard, Visa, and even Debit cards. We are fully certified or licensed to offer this program to the State because we are excellent in recapturing the basic rules of the road and many important highways laws to our students. We also offer different schedules for students to attend for convenience purposes since others may be working or attending college most of the time.

Our operations take place in newly remodeled classrooms that are designed to provide our students with a comfortable, professional and private setting. Our company has also gone to great strengths to offer a relaxed atmosphere to make students comfortable and some of the best instructors in the state to take you through the entire course smoothly. Our facility is also conveniently located so that it can be accessible from all several major highways and town neighborhoods. We are also conveniently located within walking distances to several restaurants for our students to visit during the state’s mandated one hour break and also during weekend sessions. Our company realizes that everyone makes mistakes, and instead of judging what you did, we are obligated to offer the best service program so that we can prevent any future errors for all our students.

The Risk Reduction DUI Class consists of 4 to 5-hour sessions that must total to the State’s mandated 20 hours. Our students can have either the 2 to 8 hour a day or the 1 to a 4-hour session and also, a 10-minute break of every hour, and about an hour break during lunch time. At the end of our class, one can be guaranteed to leave with their Certificate of Completion that is officially issued by the State’s Department of Driver services.


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